The Newtonian Club is for students in grades 9-12. The normal meeting time is first and third Wednesdays from 12:30-2:30.  Actual dates are at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Schedule:

  • Go over homework assignments
  • Lesson taken from The Art of Problem Solving Volume 1 – Students will need to get this text
  • Have a snack break
  • Participate in a contest or class tournament


The Newtonians will participate in five national/international competitions:


  • Mandelbrot Competition: There are 5 monthly contests held from November to March. Each contest consists of 7 questions each worth 1-3 points (14 point total) and takes 40 minutes to complete.
  • AMC 10 or 12: This takes place in February. Over 200,000 students took one of these exams in 2008. Both the AMC 10 and 12 are 75 minute 25 multiple choice question exams with a maximum score of 150. High scoring students qualify to take a second exam, the AIME.
  • Purple Comet Math Meet: This is a team competition which takes place on the internet during April or May. A team of up to six members has 90 minutes to complete 25 problems.
  • Kennesaw State Math Competition – Students complete a multiple choice contest in October and those who do well participate in a proof round in January.
  • Math Kangaroo: This is a international contest held in March. Students compete in a 30 question, 75 minute contest against students in their same grade.


One of the highlights of participating in the Newtonians are the live competitions. In 2012-13 we competed in the University of Georgia High School Math Competition, the St. Valentine’s Day Mathacre, the Walton MathFest, and were pleased to receive an invitation to the GCTM State Math Tournament. ¬†In 2011-12, we participated in the University of Georgia High School Math Competition, the Mercer High School Math Competition, the Furman High School Math Competition, and the Walton MathFest. In 2009-10 we participated in the Mercer High School Math Tournament in November, the Northview Titan Invitational in January, the Georgia Tech High School Mathematics Competition in February, and the JV State Competition in March.