The Beginning of the Club

The Sculley Academy Math Club was founded in 2002 by Karen Sculley – a home schooling mother of six and a math-lover. In 2007, Karen was awarded an Edith May Sliffe award for Excellence in Teaching Middle School Mathematics by the Mathematical Association of America. In 2008, the Sculley family moved to Nizhny Novgorod, Russia to work as church planters and coordinators for the Vineyard Churches in Russia.

Elizabeth Gieseking, the mother of a math club member, could not bear to see the math clubs disappear so she took over leadership of them in January of 2008. Elizabeth has a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from GA Tech and has been home schooling her four children for 20 years. Her oldest child was taught at home through high school and graduated from Furman University in 2009.  She currently has two children being taught at home.