MOEMS Elementary Level:
Team Winner : Nathan
Patch Awardees: Nathan, Nithya, Adun, Catherine

Noetic Math Contest:
5th Grade Winner: Nathan
3rd Grade Winner: Adun
National Honor Roll: Nathan, Adun, Nithya
Honorable Mention: Catherine, Raine, Leah

Math Kangaroo:
3rd Grade: Adun – 3rd place in Georgia
4th Grade: Catherine – 3rd place in Georgia


Rockdale Math Tournament:
1st place MS team – all divisions
Individuals: Jared – 2nd place, Timothy – 5th place, Josh – 6th place

Honor Roll of Distinction (Top 1%) – Timothy, Josh, Jared
Merit Roll (High Scoring 6th graders) – Avery

MathCounts Club
Gold Level School

MathCounts Chapter
Team (Josh, Timothy, Jared, Ben) – 5th place in Metro Atlanta
Individual: Josh – 1st place with a perfect score

MathCounts State
Team (Josh, Timothy, Jared, Ben) – 6th place in Georgia
Individual: Timothy – 7th place

MOEMS – Division E
School Winner: Avery
Silver Pin (Top 10%) – Avery, Allyn, Nathaniel

MOEMS – Division M
School Winner: Timothy
Gold Pin (Top 2%) – Timothy
Silver Pin (Top 10%) – Jared, Avery
Patch – Timothy, Jared, Avery, Allyn, Ben, Nathaniel

Math Kangaroo
6th Grade: Nathaniel – 2nd place in Georgia, Allyn – 3rd place in Georgia
7th Grade: Ben – 3rd place in Georgia
8th Grade: Timothy – 1st place in Georgia, 3rd place in United States

Purple Comet Math Meet
Team Double Rainbows (Timothy & Josh) – Honorable Mention


UGA High School Math Tournament
Timothy – 21st place

Kennesaw State Math Tournament
Timothy – Honorable Mention

Mercer High School Math Tournament
Timothy – 5th place ciphering

Achievement Roll – Timothy & Josh
AIME Qualifier – Timothy

Mandelbrot Competition
Leaderboard: Timothy, Jared
Second Tier: Stephen
Third Tier: Josh

Furman University High School Math Competition
Timothy – 1st place Junior Varsity
Josh – Honorable Mention Junior Varsity

Walton MathFest
Team (Timothy, Josh, Christina, Demi) – 2nd place Junior Varsity
Timothy – 2th place JV individual

American Regions Mathematics League (ARML)
Timothy was a member of the Georgia A1 team which placed 6th in the nation.