The Clubs: We are currently offering three clubs for students of different ages:

  • Fibonaccians (Grades 3-6)
  • Euclideans (Grades 6-8)
  • Newtonians (Grades 9-12)

Information about the contests that each club will be participating in is posted on their individual pages.

Meetings: Each club meets for two hours twice a month from mid August – early May at the Gieseking home in Suwannee, GA. For 2014-15 we will be meeting on Thursday afternoons.

  • Fibonaccians: First and Third Thursdays from 12:30-2:30
  • Euclideans: Second and Fourth Thursdays from 12:30-2:30
  • Newtonians: Time TBA

Sixth graders can choose to participate in either Fibonaccians or Euclideans based on their math competition experience. They are eligible to participate in both elementary and middle school contests.

Some dates will be changed for holidays or special contests. A complete calendar will be posted for each club in August.


Registration: Click on the Registration button to sign up. Registration fees are due in August at our Math Club Kickoff.